In the year 1500, Chinese bureaucrat Wan Hu attempted the first manned rocket flight by strapping hundreds of fireworks to his chair and lighting the fuse. He lifted a few feet off of the ground, and quite reasonably exploded.

Edit: Eh… he didn’t really explode, no. They say after the explosion cleared he disappeared, which adds on to the mystery of this dude.

Also, a moon crater in China is named after him, the crazy bugger.

Aaaaaaand Myth Busters tried this experiment out to see if he really disappeared - the dummy remains were found at the next launch station.

But hey - you still gotta give it up for this guy, ‘cause he totally dared to dream about getting to the moon, and we eventually did, which was awesome.

I think he’d be proud to know that.

P.S. It was also 47 rockets, not hundreds.

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